Why do Americans visit Mexico so much?

You may have heard that many Mexicans cross the border every day to work in the United States, but the reality is that many Americans also visit Mexico every day. Do you want to know why?

Tourist areas

Although in the United States there are a good number of areas dedicated to tourism, the beautiful landscapes of Mexico, in addition to its economic cost, and the quality of service provided by Mexicans makes Americans prefer to spend both weekends and their holidays in Mexico.

Medical care

Although medical treatment can be very advanced in the United States, Mexico is not far behind, it has implemented excellent technology, both in the care and prevention of diseases, and in dental treatments.

Root canal in Tijuana,for example, is one of the most requested treatments for its high quality, its cost and quick attention because dentists in Tijuana have specialized in treatments that are effective, fast and economical, so that they are highly sought after by Americans crossing the border for excellent dental health care.

Insure your car

Insurance for automobiles in the United States is expensive and also does not cover accidents in Mexico, because you must have a special insurance that is approved within the country, even if you go for a single day, so Americans prefer to get, for example, a mexican car insurance San Diego that covers them in both countries, but mainly in Mexico so with a single investment they can be calm in both countries.

This is an excellent idea, because there are also Americans who work in Mexico or have their companies there, and they cross the border daily for their personal work and family activities.

Buy cheaper things

Because the dollar is worth more than the Mexican peso, to cross the border to buy some things is quite interesting for Americans. Decoration elements, furniture and crafts, and even clothing and footwear are some of the objects that the Americans buy the most in Mexico, both for their homes and to market them, due to their high quality and low price.

Enjoy your retirement. 

Some North Americans want to organize their retirement time in Mexico, for a very simple reason, the climate is ideal, you have beaches available to rest throughout the year, and also, receiving payment in dollars, but spending in Mexican pesos, is a good investment, as it allows a profit margin so that they can live more comfortably.

This happens more frequently than you might believe, so much so that there are some areas in Mexico where English is more  spoken than Spanish, such as Jalisco.

As you can see, there are many reasons why Americans travel more frequently to Mexico, which is becoming a multicultural country that has not lost its own identity, because, on the contrary, it is strengthened, carrying an excellent image of the country to the whole world.