Why Austin Italian Restaurants are Ideal for a First Date

First dates are special. They can also be intimidating to arrange, as they go hand-in-hand with making that important first impression. If you live in Austin, TX you can especially feel overwhelmed because the dining options are endless. Also, because it is a first date, you really don’t know what types of flavors the other person likes, or what kind of atmosphere they feel the most comfortable in. This is why Austin Italian restaurants are perfect for first dates, as they offer a wide variety in flavors and even in dining atmospheres. This article is intended to explain why you should consider an Austin Italian restaurant for your first date night, and (hopefully) many more to come. 

Austin Italian Restaurants Offer Multiple Atmospheres

Have you and a group of friends ever looked at a painting or watched a movie together, and you each have a different take on what message the artist was trying to present? Austin Italian restaurants are like this, and because you don’t yet know which types of environments your date prefers, they are therefore ideal starting points. Austin Italian restaurants set romantic, intimate dining experiences in a cozy corner with the right level of lighting, or a family dining experience at a large table centrally positioned in the restaurant, or a casual dining experience on the patio. Because multiple types of people eat at Austin Italian restaurants, dates feel comfortable because no singular statement in the atmosphere is being expressed. 

The Best Austin Italian Restaurants Offer Homemade Pasta All People Love

Who can resist a good handmade pappardelle or a homemade lasagna? Austin Itlaian restaurants are perfect for first dates because homemade pasta will be on the menu, and so will variety. If your date is an avid meat-eater, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or follows a certain diet, the best Austin Italian restaurants will have an option for everyone, and can even make slight alterations to dishes at the diner’s request. 

Austin Italian Restaurants have the Best Pizza

Everyone loves pizza, so sharing an authentic pizza from one of the best Austin Italian restaurants can create the perfect first date. Make sure the pizza sauce is made with San Marzano sauce, uses authentic fresh ingredients known to Italy, and is baked in a stone oven. And much like the pasta, the best Austin Italian restaurants will have various types of pizzas for all dietary needs and tastes. Meat eaters should be able to enjoy a sausage pizza, while vegetarians should be able to order an authentic margherita pizza made with mozzarella and fresh basil, and anchovy pizza for pescetarians. 

Playful Main Courses

The best Italian restaurants will offer more than pizza and pasta; there will be some playful main courses ranging from fish to red meat, and seafood. Grilled octopus is a classic Italian favorite, and beef and lamb are common meat options. Also expect a salad menu, and some amazing desserts that include gelato.