What is a Skid Steer and Why do Savvy Fleet Managers Seek a Case Skid Steer Dealer?

A skid steer loader, also known as a skin loader, is a rigid-frame, engine powered piece of construction machinery that’s on the smaller side with lift arms that let operators afix a wide range of attachments and special tools for specific labor-intensive jobs. Skin steers, for the most part, have four wheels that are mechanically locked in a synchronized operational system on both sides of the machine, and the right-side and left-side wheels can be driven independently of the other. Generally, there is no separate steering console for each set of wheels, and there is a straight alignment that’s fixed in place. Turning a skid steer is achieved in which the right and left wheel sides are operated by differing speeds, allowing the machine to skid or drag as it turns in a fixed orientation. Because the wheel bearings are strong and the frame is rigid, torsional forces are prevented thanks to the dragging motion–something that helps prevent the skid steer from being damaged. 

Skid steers are great for tearing up soft road surfaces. Fleet managers also love the skid steer because it can pirouette in a zero-radius turn thus giving it tons of value for its maneuverability in projects that demand an agile, compact loader. 

Why Contact a Case Skid Steer Dealer?

There are several reasons why fleet managers always reach out to a Case skid steer dealer for this piece of construction machinery before exploring other brands, and this article will cover a few of the top reasons. For starters, Case skid steers dominate all others when it comes to harsh and brutal digging jobs to soft grading, as well as digging. When you visit a Case skid steer dealer you will see the SR and SV fleets that won Best-in-Class for performance and breakout force. This means you get a skid steer that words harder than any other. 

A Case Skid Steer Dealer is Open 24/7

You don’t start digging and grading roads at 9AM and turn off the engine at 5PM, so why should a Case skid steer dealer keep nine to five hours? Case construction equipment dealers are open 24/7, 365 days a year meaning you have access to spare parts for your skid steer, quick repairs, maintenance, and rentals any hour of the day when you need the service, on your time. 

A Case Skid Steer Dealer has the Best Technicians in the Industry

Reliability is everything, and part of having a reliable skid steer is knowing that only true experts handle its maintenance and make repairs and adjustments. All Case construction mechanics have gone through intensive training and tests to become Master Technicians, and they only service Case skid steers, dozers, backhoes, and all other machines that are in the Case fleet. This means you have a true master tech that knows your machine at an intimate level, and why visiting a Case skid steer dealership is the best move you can make for your company’s growth and profitability.