How to Choose the Best Ionic Hair Dryer for 2020

Most women favor an ionic hair dryer over standard as soon as they try one out. After all, they are faster and more efficient in holding the desired style. But with these hair styling tools on the rise in 2020, how do you find the best ionic hair dryer that’s perfect for your beauty needs? This article is intended to give shoppers some ideas and thoughts on how to find the best ionic hair dryer that will keep their hair salon fresh all day long. 

First Things First, What is an Ionic Hair Dryer?

An ionic hair dryer blasts negative ions to counter the positively charged water ions in wet hair. This science is responsible for why the best ionic hair dryer is more efficient breaking up water drops at the hair’s shaft which prevents moisture from settling in and causing frizz. In addition, this science makes the drying time faster. 

The Best Ionic Hair Dryer Dramatically Cuts Drying Time

All ionic hair dryers remove moisture from hair at a faster pace than standard blow dryers, but not all ionic hair dryers are made equally. First of all, you will want to ensure the best ionic hair dryer for your needs is indeed the fastest in the industry, as speedy drying times are the main desired benefits women look for an a good ionic hair dryer. 

The TURBO MAX by Instyler is regarded as many for being the best ionic hair dryer one can buy. It has been titled the fastest hair dryer as it was tested against leading hair dryers, including the ones that cost four times the amount. And in every test the TURBO MAX dried hair 35% faster than other ionic hair dryers, and more than 50% faster than a standard model without the ion technology. 

What are the Features Found in the Best Ionic Hair Dryer?

What really helps make the best ionic hair dryer stand out from the rest are its features. That said, look for one that comes with the following:

  • Reputation for offering the fastest drying time
  • Aerospace designed airflow system
  • 10x the ionic power of an average hair dryer
  • Infinity dial with maximum customization
  • Advanced high torque motor
  • Lightweight (averaging under 15 oz)
  • Tourmaline ceramic grill & turbo ion generator
  • 9’ professional quality power cord

The TURBO MAX by Instyler comes with all of these features as standard ones, and for this reason alone many women view it as the best ionic hair dryer one can get. 

How Much Should the Best Ionic Hair Dryer Cost?

Quality, drying time and features aren’t the only things that make a model the best ionic hair dryer; cost is also an important factor. After all, if hair styling companies can produce high quality ionic hair dryers and charge significantly less than the competition, then the consumer is getting a better deal across the board. Some ionic hair dryers that have less than half of the features that the TURBO MAX has retails between $500 and $800. However, the TURBO MAX is truly the best ionic hair dryer because it has more features, a stylish look, the fastest drying time AND it retails below $100. 

Order one today and make 2020 the highlight year of style and glamour.