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Author Topic: Audio Visual Section - Guidelines  (Read 1586 times)
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Audio Visual Presentations

This part of the Cafe is for the sharing & discussion of “Audio-Visual” presentations of members’ photographs.

How to Post Videos in messages

For ease of use, it is suggested that all presentations are uploaded to YouTube and then included in a message using the YouTube button as shown below:

This will insert a pair of ‘YouTube’ tags as shown.

What you then need to do is paste the code for your video in between the tags as follows:

The link to your video  will look something like this:

The code is the bit after the ‘v=’ so, in this example, you would paste the 6Y1T2AxGaEQ in between the tags like this:

Content Guidelines

All images included in your videos should be wholly your own work and comply with the usual “family friendly” policy for images posted on the Cafe outlined HERE.

As always, the Site Administrators and Moderators reserve the right to remove any material that breaches this policy.

Please respect copyright for any music used in your videos.  If you don't have the copyright to a piece of music you are doing the same as if the musician used your photograph on their album cover and didn't pay you for it; it is theft.  It is therefore strongly recommended that “Royalty Free”  music is used. (See below.)

Royalty Free Music

Royalty Free music is sold under a licence that allows use as part of an audio-visual presentation or movie with no issues over copyright.  Some royalty-free music may be downloaded for free, but some needs to be purchased.

Suggested resources:

  • Kevin MacLeod - a variety of music available for free download.
  • Derek Audette - again, a variety of music available for free download.
  • Rick Clarke (aka RickVanMan)  - Rick has two albums of music for sale, plus a number of tracks available for free download
  • Barry Beckham - Barry sells a wide range of music in his “Music for Photographers” series - both on CD and as downloads.

Suggested Software

For Windows:

For Mac OS X:

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