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Title: POTW June 17th to 23rd ~ dhandjh
Post by: BigAl on June 24, 2018, 3:19 AM

PHOTO OF THE WEEK~June 17th to 23rd

"Bee in a poppy"

by dhandjh :thumbup:

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This is what Dave says about his POTW:
"My local Photographic Club had an outing to Oxford and I decided to spend half the time in the Botanical Gardens.   I was hoping to get some flower close ups so I was armed with my Nikkor 60mm Micro lens which is frankly a great all rounder as well a superb macro/micro lens (very sharp and can be stopped down a long way).  While walking around the gardens I could not help but notice the vast number of Bees busily collecting nectar from the flowers and the Poppies especially.  I probably took 20-30 shots in total and this one was the best (by a whisker).
It was taken hand held as while I would normally use a tripod for macro work, carting one around the city centre (all day) would have made other aspects of the day less enjoyable (as always compromises to be made).
It was a wonderful outing and getting Photo of the Week simply adds Icing to the Cake!  Many thanks to those that voted - much appreciated."


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Alan :)