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Canada~Niagara Escarpment Waterfalls by RGBont
Submitted By: Pat Date: January 16, 2010, 3:49 PM Views: 673
Summary: A photo tour of some of the Niagara Escarpment waterfalls by Ross Blakey.

Niagara Escarpment Waterfalls

by RGBont

On Saturday, April 14, 2007 a busload with forty-six London Camera Club (London, Ontario) members/spouses took a 7:30 am to 7:30 pm field trip to see six waterfalls in the Niagara Escarpment Area.  Originally there were only five falls to be viewed but an additional one was added at the last minute.  There was suppose to be 47 people aboard but one was a no-show.

It was a reasonably costed trip, only $23.00 Cdn (or just about 10 pounds sterling for those of you across the big pond), brown bagged it for lunch though I saw some buy a salad dish at Wendy's (Hamburger joint) that we stopped at for a morning coffee and a stopover at a restaurant (Eggs & I) for supper on our way home, where costs varied depending on what meal and/or drinks you bought.  All in all a good way to spend a day!

Well the pros and cons of this trip.  It was a terrific way to see these waterfalls as I sure wouldn't have been able to find them on my own quite easily.  So it was a good preview of these falls and I have a couple of favourites that I would like to revisit and shoot again.  Now that summer is coming and with more greenery would be a good opportunity to take another visit.  Also a fall visit might be in order as well when the leaves start turning to their colours.

Obviously with the number we had, getting on and off the bus with our equipment took time.  We were limited to about a three-quarter hour visit at each site, which really wasn't long enough for some of us as we waited to take turns at some locations to take the pictures that were needed to be composed close up.  But, still, there were plenty of other picture taking opportunities - not necessarily of the falls themselves.


Located in Hamilton, the falls type was Cascade (vertical drop is broken by a series of steps causing water to cascade), sourced by the Red Hill Creek and is 19 metres in height.  This is a pretty roadside waterfall despite the litter in the gorge.  While right next to a roadway you can see it quite easly from the top but this one was the most difficult to access, in my opinion, as there was no readily available trail or stairway down to the river bed.  I was surprised that I took the climb down and coming back up took me twice as long. It should be noted here that no one took a tumble and unfortunately I didn't take a picture of the hill that we had to climb to get to the base of the falls.  I will also note that on a website it says it is not hard to get down to the gorge but I disagree on that point but perhaps there may have been another way down further up the ways.

Albion Falls, you can see a fence in the upper right,
a road crosses over the creek (Mountain Brown Blvd).  Nothing really
dramatic to take a picture from up the top hence our picture taking
was best taken down on the river bed.

Steps at the base of the falls, using a slow speed to get the effect.

A little closer look at the falls


This fall is located in the Hamilton area appropriately enough at the Devil's Punchbowl Conservation Area, in a suburb called Stoney Creek and is a Ribbon type (height greater than crest width) sourced by Stoney Creek.  Its height is 37 metres.  It is considered one of Hamilton's best waterfalls, when it has water it is quite impressive, but may be outranked by Webster's and Tew's Falls.

I didn't see any way of getting down to the river bed when we first arrived there.  Just as well as it would have been a long climb back up!!  Information that I later located indicates that there is a trailway from a platform that gives a nice view of Hamilton, to which we did view.  The first half is quite steep but the second half is a stairway.  The trail then works its way up the creek to the base of the falls. Along the way there is a 20 foot high lower Devil's Punchbowl falls.  It was probably because of this distance that we did not have the time to traverse this trail.  Something for those of us who would like to take a closer view of on our own time!!

A rather imposing one - a long drop down.

Interesting to see all those different coloured layers on the cliff's wall.  Certainly eons of time noted here - will have to find out more information later on this.  Website notes that the bottom of the punchbowl is a very interesting area even if the falls is dry.

Cliff Wall

Here's one of our club members contemplating his choice of composition to take of the falls.  Just two or three feet away is an almost straight down drop.  Where I took this picture was from a fence line which we were able to crawl over or under.  It is at our own risk if we pass this fence line.



Moving on, we are now in Ancaster where this fall is a Cascade type with a height of 22 metres, sourced by the Tiffany Creek.  It is located in the Tiffany Falls Conservation Area and though may not be considered as scenic as the other falls in the Niagara Escarpment area it is still worth a visit in the spring.

An easily accessible trail led to this fall.

Three different angles to take a picture of the falls.
Will be interesting to see these pictures on some future
camera club night which is planned.

There were plenty of moss covered rocks along the trailway leading to the falls.

Trailway is on the right leading away from the falls.  Plenty of picture taking opportunities as evident here with a group snapping away.


This falls is located at the Spencer Gorge/Webster Falls Conservation Area in Dundas.  Its type is a Curtain (height notably smaller than crest width) and was 22 metres high and is sourced by Spencer Creek.  An impressive and easy to visit waterfall. This is the most scenic and reliable waterfall in the Hamilton area.  The waterfall is in the middle of a small park.  It is short walk from the parking area to the falls. The Bruce Trail heads down into the gorge via a stairway (but still a climb back up!!) and you can easily reach the base of the falls.

You can even walk behind it if you want and are somewhat foolhardy as noted on the website. The Bruce Trail continues downstream, and it is worth taking some time to explore. The next 1/2 mile of Spencer Creek is one long cascade. This is also the way to go if you want to reach the base of Tews Falls.

This was also our lunch stop.  Some ate their lunch before going down, while others made their way down beforehand.  I ate my small lunch on the bus before we left for Tews Falls.

After the climb down the stairwell and making a left turn this is what greets the viewer.

A little walk down the trail on the left gets you this view.
More of the members eventually came down to try
their hand at getting some pictures.

A little mini double falls that was to the left of the main falls.
Maybe not as spectacular as the big one but still
something interesting to try and take.


This fall was only 170 metres from the Webster Falls and fed by Logies Creek (a fork of Spencer Creek).  Its type was Ribbon and has a height of 41 metres, the tallest of the six waterfalls.

As mentioned earlier, Tews Falls can be reached from Webster's falls via a 30 minute hike along the Bruce Trail, or by a 5-minute drive down Harvest Road to the Tews Falls parking area which is what we did on the bus.  There is a view area at the top of the falls that can be easily reached from the parking area which is where we took our pictures from.

If you want to reach the base of the Falls, as noted earlier, start at Webster Falls, and take the stairway down into the gorge, and follow the trail downstream.  Spencer Creek tumbles its way through curves and rocks, providing lots to look at and plenty of picture taking opportunities.  Our limited time prevented us from doing this - I'm hoping I'll get a chance at this when I revisit this place sometime.

Tews Falls

Looking down to the lower observation deck

View seen from the lower observation deck


Back to Ancaster to our final location, this falls was located on private property.  Its type was Curtain and had a height of 17 metres, sourced by the Ancaster Creek.  It is but a short walk from the roadway with an easy accessible trailway alongside the creek being fed by the falls.

This is a surprisingly scenic waterfall hidden away in the middle of town.  The creek is spring fed so this waterfall has a more steady flow than many in the area.

Towards the falls

Sherman Falls

Group Shot

Composing his shot

As Good as Any Place

Well that concludes our day trip to six wonderful waterfalls.  I'm sure there were gigabytes of memory used for all the pictures that were taken by everyone.  I think it shall be an interesting night at the camera club sometime in the fall of 2007 when pictures of all those taken by the various members are shown - I'm sure looking forward to it.

And one final note: This trip was arranged by a couple of people who have been for the past 13 years field trip co-ordinators (or other designations at various times) with the London Camera Club. They have done many pre-scout trips, arranging bus transportation, restaurant reservations, plus whatever else that would be required in planning these field trips. The numbers I have heard was just over 180 field trips in total - not sure if that also includes the Wednesday walks but they were instrumental in starting these as well.

With that in mind, I wish to dedicate this article to the husband and wife team, Jim and Linda Bristow, for their services rendered and wish them well on any of their new endeavours as they are both now retired and are taking a respite from their field trips duties.

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August 13, 2011, 8:08 AM
Certainly looks like a great day out!

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