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Colour Correction/Alterations
Submitted By: Date: October 19, 2010, 11:53 AM Views: 847

Colour Correction\Alterations.

By Jonni Darko



Skin colour correction by numbers

This is good for getting accurate skin colour when there is a colour cast.

1. Open the Image.

2. Select the eyedropper tool, it should be under the crop tool or you can just press i on you key pad. Go to sample size and select 5 by 5 average.

3. Shift click on a diffused part of the skin (on the face Is best) and you will have something that  looks like a target and the info palette should come up.

4. Go to the eyedropper icon in the info palette named 1 RGB and right click over the eyedropper icon and change it to CMYK


5. Make a curves adjustment

6. Select the red channel in the curves panel.

7. Select the drag icon. (it looks like a double ended arrow) on the curves panel.

8. Go to the target icon on your image and click and drag (watching the cyan number in the info pallet) until the numbers are a 3rd-5th less than the magenta number.

9. Select the blue channel in the curves panel and again go to the target on the image and click drag until the yellow numbers in the info panel are a couple of digits higher than the magenta numbers..
And that's It If you click before and after you should see a more accurate skin tone.  If the skin does not look correct, then hold the shift key and go to the target on your Image and move it to another part of the skin and repeat the curves adjustment to alter the CMYK numbers, as they will of altered due to you moving the target.

The CMYK numbers should look like this. Not the same numbers but the formula.
C 7
M 23
Y 25
K don't worry about them numbers

Remember the Cyan numbers must be 3 to 5 times less than the Magenta number and the Yellow a couple of points higher than the Magenta.
So for instance (for the CYAN) 7 x 3 = 21 and falls within the 23 for the Magenta.
Or If CYAN was at 5 and Magenta was 25 then 5 x 5= 25 and that falls within a 5th.

Remember to shift click with the eyedropper tool on a defused part of the skin.

Before & After

With this image there was a green cast as i didn't use my grey card.  I have exaggerate it to make it more obvious.  Also the corrected skin may look different on your computers due to saving for web, differences in Mac & PC's and screen calibration and so on, but give it a try, It works a treat.

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